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[info] Embedded Technology & IoT Technology Exhibitions to Be Held Concurrently in November
2015.11.10 조회수 2103

  Today on October 5th (Mon.), Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA), opens advanced registration for “Embedded Technology 2015” (“ET2015”) and “IoT Technology 2015” exhibitions. Both exhibitions are to be held simultaneously at Pacifico Yokohama from November 18th (Wed.) to 20th (Fri.), 2015.

ET2015 will welcome the first IoT Technology 2015, an exhibition specially dedicated to IoT technologies. Incorporating this exhibition under one roof will bring together a wide range of technologies and solutions sought after by industry. The exhibition will reveal cutting-edge solutions from industry leading manufacturers and vendors including Intel, ARM, Microsoft Japan, ALTERA JAPAN, Socionext, Qualcomm, SCSK, and more. An array of Embedded Technology and IoT-related conferences will also be offered on topics such as security, methods to effectively utilize big data and automated driving, and many more.

ET2015 / IoT Technology 2015 Official Website: http://www.jasa.or.jp/expo/english/
*Admission is free with advanced registration through the official website. Attendance to all conferences is free.

Newly Established IoT Technical Solutions and Hardware Sessions

In addition to IoT technical sessions that delve into a number of trending technological themes which include big data, image recognition, and protection of personal information, expert seminars specially dedicated to hardware technologies will be newly established.
(Conference Info List: http://www.jasa.or.jp/expo/english/conf/ )

First-time held “Embedded IoT Hackathon”.

An Embedded IoT Hackathon will feature 10 teams of technical experts testing their skills at hacking IoT. In this “hacking marathon,” teams compete on implementation and success of a service or system in solving a given challenge within a limited time. This event has been planned with the aim of discovering and developing “Embedded IoT talent.”
(Embedded IoT Hackathon: http://www.jasa.or.jp/expo/english/event/hackathon.html )


Embedded Technology 2015 / IoT Technology 2015
To be held from November 18th (Wed.) to 20th (Fri.), 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama
Organizer : Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
Planning and Promotion : ICS Convention Design, Inc.

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